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Hi flower,

I am, you are, we are a woman refugee. I believe that whatever happens in anyone’s heart & soul lives somewhere inside of us too. Some things that happen in the world are often just unbearable to witness and even think about. But we do wish for the world to be a better place and we do wish to make a difference.

I do believe each of us has the power to make that difference within ourselves. And even more so together. While holding a space within ourselves of intentions filled with love, support, hope & belief we are holding a space for anyone who needs that love, support, hope and belief and for them to create that same space within themselves and in turn hold it for others, and so on…this is powerful.

I am, you are, a woman refugee is a video I made just for that, to hold such a space especially for women and girls refugees in the world.

I will make such videos regularly, each time holding a space for a different issue, cause, injustice…If there is a subject you would like for me to create a video for, please let me know, it’s all about making a difference, together.

I invite you to watch this week’s video, to dance your own dance, let out what has to come out, and while dancing hold a huge space filled to the brim with warm love, comfort, strength and hope and all you wish to add to it for them. All the women and girls refugees in the whole world.

Together let’s dance, and let’s hold all the love we can possibly hold within our space, for all.

With love to you,