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Hi beautiful,

You might have noticed that you didn’t get any news from me last week. I was sick with flu-like symptoms and my brain was super foggy. Still I could have probably written and send out a message to you. I could have pushed myself to do it. And I am still not sure if I gave in to resistance and my sickness was just an excuse but I am really OK with that. Because what I did is I gently gave myself a break.

The past year I’ve been pushing myself non stop and not always in the kindest way. I was able to realize recently that I have a tendency to be bossy, cold, accusing, finger pointing at me, that really I tend to bully myself!

Since I heard and learned about the ‘concept’ of self love many years ago, I have been working hard at shedding layers after layers of all that’s been in the way of me loving myself. At some point I learned that a great way of loving yourself is to do what you love, what makes you feel alive, and to fill your day with things that make you happy.

There are many ways to approach this but I realize today that one very interesting way to know what you love and bring it into your life is to listen to your ideas, be aware of them and then most importantly to make them happen or at least try.

Each time we listen, respect & give value to one of our ideas we APPRECIATE ourselves. When we make it possible for that idea to become reality we LOVE ourselves. And each time we disregard one of our ideas as silly, crazy, what will others think, can’t do, blablabla :), we are diminishing ourselves, disrespecting ourselves and making ourselves small, and what that comes down to is that we are not loving ourselves.

And it’s all OK, because let’s not forget we’re human and that’s what as human we do, we learn and evolve, so no guilt here please ♥.  We are often the only ones getting in our own way, and let’s look at this with love, kindness, understanding and patience for ourselves.

And the truth is I haven’t been very good at this personally, but it’s changing. And if you’ve been like me, I have a feeling you’re ready for that change in yourself too.

This week’s video: ‘MEET ME’ A virtual Eye Contact Experience is an idea I brought to life and for the first time was able to feel love for myself just for doing it regardless of whether others loved it or not.

But, I almost didn’t go through with it because of this inner ‘protective’ chatter: ‘this is crazy’, ‘this is not a good idea’, ‘people are gonna think it’s really worthless’, ‘you look stupid’, ‘who do you think you are’, etc. Hearing this and still be able to go for it, because you’ve learned to listen to your true voice, is a bit like a muscle that needs to be exercised, the more you do it the stronger you get at it.

Let’s bring our ideas to life, and baby steps are great, can be to start with an idea about a new recipe or the idea of changing the place of your bed! We are worth giving our ideas the recognition and space they deserve, because they come from us! That simple.

With love,