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Hi gorgeous fellow human,

I won’t say much in writing this week. I say it all in the video. It is very scary for me to put this out, but my intention is always to follow my heart, follow my gut, follow my truth. I hope you feel that and I hope you feel  it for yourself too.

This week I also want to thank you for being here, welcome to all the newly arrived! There are now 53 of you, I am so excited, and I want you to be excited too, to enjoy this ride, to get what you want from it, what you need and what makes you grow and feel good.

I you’re not excited to be here then I invite you, with love, to unsubscribe (bottom of the page), with love, untame yourself! GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION. To do what you want to do. I’ll love you a lot for it.

This week’s video: ‘UNTAMED’ 

Why is it so scary to show our true selves to the world? Why have we come to this point where we don’t feel safe with our fellow humans and why do some humans harm other fellow humans. Why don’t we just LOVE.

THIS IS CRAZY. Isn’t it?

With love,