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I am learning to love.

To love myself, to love life, to love being alive, to love all of what I do (even the bits I don’t like doing), to love others, All, to love Love.

Yes, to love Love, because for some of us it’s such a vague concept that we are inclined unconsciously to reject it, and to not like it because we don’t even know what it is or how to ‘be’ with love. It’s uncomfortable and so we have to learn how to love Love.

Primarily it starts with me loving myself, or more precisely to learn about the Love that is already within me. As the truth is I already do love myself, but it’s just that due to early on circumstances and an old collective pattern of self-negative beliefs, I’ve had a very misguided sense of self-love. I treat myself the way I do out of a sense of protection and care, and that is love, whichever are the ways I turn to, to protect and soothe myself (I’ll say more about this in the future, I’m still processing).

So the truth is I already Love myself. In the way that I know how to today.

And that knowledge soothes me.

Softens me.

And when I feel soft, I breathe, I make space, I open and lay down the barriers a little bit. When I feel soft I reconcile with my femininity, my curves, my vulnerability, my true voluptuous intuitive feminine nature.And in the melting openness of softness I learn to Love. My heart feeling all raw and tender in the remembering … of Love.

It takes time, it’s a practice, a sacred practice of honoring Divine Love, the unconditional kind, the kind that unites us All, the kind that connects all Souls, the kind that never leaves us.

I am learning to love, the Divine Love within me.

Within us All.
This is Sacred Work, our work.

Let’s do this Sisters & Brothers, let’s heal this world with Love.