Ignite! Together

monthly group container for highly sensitive ambitious women who want to take their place in the world by being unapologetically themselves



Sister are you staying stuck in hiding because of fears & doubts?

feeling alone & misunderstood?

being hard on yourself?

Sister, what if you said yes to a free YOU!



Fear of judgement, feeling not good enough…

You are struggling to find your place in a world that isn’t made for you. You have been made to stay small, invisible, a ‘good girl’ who is here to please. You are staying in hiding, inside a ‘comfort zone’/prison made of fear, doubts, shame and insecurities. And you have yet to come out fully as a spiritual person.

You don’t feel legitimate, you don’t feel worthy, you believe you don’t have a right to do this! You worry your work will be seen as stupid or that you’re doing something wrong and they’ll reject you or think, who do you think you are anyway?!

But sister you have so much to offer!

You have so much to share.

Staying in hiding keeps you blocked and prevents you from:

  • Expressing your true self unapologetically, your opinion & beliefs
  • Sharing your creative gifts from the heart: writing, poetry, singing, dancing…
  • Sharing your spiritual beliefs, light & wisdom freely
  • Freely expressing your body, your sensual nature & femininity
  • Showing your true heart, to yourself and to the world

I know this very well and you are not alone. And I also know that the world needs women like you to be out there stepping in their power and shine bright. Your light, your voice, your work are important and needed, by you, by other women, by the world.



This is my invitation to you sister

If you’re ready to move through all the blocks of fears, doubts, insecurity and shame to fully come out of hiding and take your f*cking place in the world I want to help you.

This is how:

Imagine entering a safe space, once a month, where you can:

  • Recharge & land back in your center & in alignment body/soul/mind
  • Slow down and allow for softness and boldness
  • Explore and release
  • Allow for creation and divine connection, self-expression &.. Magik.


Each month feeling:

  • Seen, heard & understood
  • Supported & validated
  • Strong & empowered
  • Liberated, sensual & free
  • Inspired & hopeful

In this space with the magikal support of sisterhood. Kindred spirits, kindred hearts & kindred souls. Together.

welcome to:

Ignite! Together

what is ignite!together?

A monthly online group container for sensitive, conscious women like you who desire to be fully expressed in their truth, take their place and change the world with the magikal support of sisterhood.

Once a month I hold space for you in a beautiful & magikal group session with:

  • Guided meditation, imagery & visualization
  • Guided dance wave & free movement with music
  • Energy work
  • Drumming, ritual
  • And more…

+ space to share, be heard & witnessed

    what are the benefits?

    • Feel stronger within yourself, more grounded and solid so that you can take action for what you really want in your life.
    • Connect with other women on a similar path to you, so that you feel seen, understood & validated.
    • Feel safe, guided & supported so that you are reminded of your strength to do what you’re meant to do.
    • Be reminded that you are connected to something greater than yourself, that you are a spark of light, so that you connect back to the innate joy in you and feel vibrant and alive.
    • Be empowered to express yourself freely and be who you truly are, so you do write that book, dance in front of others, speak your truth…
    • Trust yourself to set boundaries in your work and in life so you have more space & energy to do what matters the most to you.


    this is for you if

    • You’re a conscious, sensitive & heart-centered ambitious woman
    • You have a big vision and big dreams for yourself & you wish to help change the world
    • You don’t shy away from deep shadow work as you know that’s how powerful change happens
    • You’re willing to take responsibility for your own needs, healing & growth

      this is not for you if

      • You expect others to do the work fo you 
      • You don’t wish to go deep and do the necessary shadow work to heal & grow
      • You won’t take responsibility for your own needs, healing and growth

      The  session with Julie was an absolute delight! Julie’s presence was gentle and her guidance balmy and soft. The musicality in her voice takes you to another world.

      My experience in the Circle was mystical, one that left me feeling replenished, relaxed and expansive. Overall, the session was an absolute pleasure, deep and magical, which left me connected with my body, and brought a feeling of connection with everything around me in the widest possible sense.

      As I am writing this testimonial a few weeks later, I feel longing for the magical realm I was conducted in by Julie’s voice and guidance. It was truly a magical experience.

      – Maria Ortega Garcia

      What happens in a session?

      Each month the  group session will have a different theme to dive in and work with (see further below the upcoming themes for the next 3 months).

      This is the overall frame of the session, there’s more and also but depending on what I feel before each session intuitively, things can vary a little:

      1. Landing

      Whatever you were doing before during the day, this is the time where we land and center within ourselves and the group.

      I guide you with an intuitive meditation & visualization centered around the theme of the session. Things often start to arise for you during this process. You’re softening & opening up.

      2. Setting the circle of magik

      You will then stand up and step in your space where you will set an intention for yourself around the theme. Then I guide you to create a ‘landscape’ around you. This means bringing in any elements that want to support you at this time. It can be from mother earth (trees, the ocean, the sun, a beach, etc.), it can be from the animal kingdom (a wolf, a horse, a cow, etc.) or from the divine realms (angels, your guides, spirits, etc.), there’s no limit! 

      It is quite magikal and playful and it creates a supportive and empowering space for you to explore and dive in.

      3. Body freedom

      Once your beautiful ‘landscape is ready, I put on the music track and it’s time to allow space for the body, to move, dance, explore and play with your intention and the elements around you. 

      You might be dancing with the moon, sway with the wind,  feel your guides love…

      The music takes you through different rhythms, it starts quiet and slow and gradually reaches a crescendo before slowing down again. This gives you space for different levels of exploration, expression, letting go, integrating, playing…

      All the while I move with you and hold the space for you with some intuitive words of guidance and lots of love.

      This sequence lasts around 12 mins.

      4. Closing

      Space for sharing, witnessing & support.

      Closing ritual.

      – book your magikal spot –

      Ignite! Together

      Exchange: 40€

      (Price for limited budget: 30€)

      Upcoming Sessions



      THEME: Softness

      Explore your relationship with softness and its role as a ressource to help you show-up in your truth.

      JANUARY 17TH


      THEME: Pleasure

      Explore your relationship with pleasure and how it can nourish and expand your power.



      THEME: Stillness & Love

      Explore the gift of self-love that stillness can be and your relationship with it.

      Email me: julie@julielecarrer.com for any questions!


      Julie has a beautiful gift of creating a safe, peaceful, respectful environment in which to explore, feel, and play. Her ability to combine meditation, movement, sound, and visualization make for a deeply centering experience and a gentle way to find yourself again.

      – Heather

      Every single session with Julie brings me closer to myself. She guides intuitively and with an open heart.
      Afterwards I always feel very connected, at peace and grounded.

      – Vanessa Guerrero

      Julie is beautifully intuitive and so fantastic at holding space for others. Her presence is so calm and nurturing and her intuitive nature guides beautifully.

      – Breanne Hull

      The way Julie incorporates meditation, dance, power animal imagery, and nature spirits is so unique and powerful. I felt as if I was being transported to a different time and place. I’m usually shy about dancing but I felt my inner wild woman come out and I fully released those fears. I’m so thankful to you Julie! You have such a beautiful gift.

      – Britny West

      Julie’s intelligence with mind-body-spirit integration is genius level The dancing is a vital part to me as we are in these human bodies, and the format Julie did was so heart opening! She is such a love and so in her gifts. I feel so grateful to be any part of her life journey!

      – Teri Sertic

      About me

      Hi I’m Julie! 

      I believe in beauty and intuition, truth and power.

      In my working life I’ve gone from waitressing & being a PA to being a freelance interior designer and setting up my own online business.

      My personal journey has been mainly focused on healing myself from childhood trauma. Remembering my truth, and connecting to my soul & my purpose. Through this journey I came to uncover my intuitive gifts and learn that I am a healer in essence.

      Reconnecting to my intuition changed my life completely and gave sense and essential meaning to it.

      As a little girl and growing up I wasn’t in touch with my intuition at all. I lived a lot in fear and all my energy went into creating coping strategies and mechanisms to have a sense of control and safety in my environment. It’s after years of therapy, energy work and spiritual healing that, my system started to feel safe enough to leave space for intuition, and for my soul gifts to emerge. What a journey.

      Six years ago I started developing my healing work through art, movement, meditations and working directly with womxn to help them connect to their own essential soul truth & potential.

      Since then I have developed my intuitive readings and will soon be also offering my Soul Sparkles paintings! 

      also …

      • I am 47, French (proud Bretonne) living in Brussels.
      • I’m Sagittarius Sun, Aries rising & Aquarius Moon.
      • I’m an Emotional Manifestor 4/6 (Human Design)


        more about my journey 

        • Developmental trauma: I grew up in a broken and dysfunctional family with verbal, emotional abuse and emotional neglect. I felt neither safe nor loved by any of my parents or caregivers. This means that I had to hold  A LOT by myself, within myself. Which has created in me the capacity to be able to hold a lot, in a space for others. With deep empathy & love.

        • 20+ years of mental & emotional healing  and growth: psycho dynamic therapy, psychotherapy, energetic therapy (EFT, EMDR), Somatic Experiencing, coaching, energy healing. Allowing me to be relatively trauma-informed when it comes to guiding & holding space.

        • 8+ years of spiritual healing & growth: meditation, visualisation, intuition, connection with nature, learning about shamanism, the drum, rapé ceremony, kirtan circles.

        • I am a healer in essence. Which means that anything that I do (from heart & soul) will be healing on some level. It usually helps others feel seen, safe & be vulnerable in my presence.


        My mission sis, is to help you on your journey to coming out of hiding, expressing your truth, taking your place & and rocking the world with your powerful work

        ©2021-2022 Julie Le Carrer | All rights reserved