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You know in your bones you are meant for more

☽ You have big dreams but sometimes you wonder if you are allowed to have them (who do I think I am!).

☽ You’ve always known you’re meant for big things but you find yourself staying small & not able to fully take your place in the world.

☽ Sometimes your heart bursts with your desire to bring big impact, but fear, shame, trauma … prevent you from taking action.

I know this, I’ve lived it & today I can help you

☽ Validate your vision & purpose so you can stop doubting and judging yourself for your big dreams!

☽ Uncover what’s blocking you and the exact shadow work necessary to help you expand and take your place in the world.

Find which practices will support your healing best, what needs to change & tap deeper into your confidence to take action.



I believe that living your true soul potential changes the world.



The world needs the joy that irradiates from Soul living people, especially from us, women, being free from old constraints, and flowing through life in true alignment with our hearts and souls.

If you are here, it means that you already know that, and you know that you have a true purpose (or more than one!) to live in this lifetime. And you want with all your heart and passion to do just that, bring your own magik to the world, live your big life, live your Soul Purpose.

The Ignite Your Soul Potential Reading is meant to bring you the support, guidance, and clarity that you’re seeking to create your life in alignment with your highest soul Purpose.

Depending on your questions, the reading can help you see clearly:

  • Which aspects of your highest soul purpose & potential are ready to be ignited now.
  • What is your specific kind of magik and what gifts are ready to be activated.
  • What is blocked and needs some healing and some gentle loving.
  • What actions are needed and what changes are necessary to bring your highest soul ignited self to life!

The Reading will validate things that you’ve known about yourself on some level but never allowed yourself to fully believe were true, or even judged or shamed yourself for thinking them, or just doubted them.

The Reading will also bring light to aspects that you might not want to see, it will challenge you (gently) and can bring up strong emotions and a certain level of discomfort. I believe this is inevitable on the path to transformation. I go through it too. And we are strong enough to walk this path, walk through and onto the other side.

After an Ignite Your Soul Potential Reading you will feel expanded, seen, validated, empowered, and maybe a little freaked out too! (facing our true potential can be scary). The reading will give you the guidance & direction you’re looking for, it is deep transformative and impactful work if you are ready to receive it. 

How it works

The Reading session takes place via Zoom on video and lasts 60mins.

I will ask you to prepare 3 questions* in avance to have ready for the reading.

The session is quite interactive, and flows, we will go back and forth. It can go deep but it is always gentle.

*Guidance for the questions: It is best not to ask questions with a yes or no answer. You can ask instead, what will happen if I do this, or don’t do this?

+ Collaboration love!

I am so excited and honoured to collaborate with the incredible Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle to bring you something that I feel complements so well the reading: a peek into your Human Design type.

So following the reading you will receive as a gift a short video where Jessica gives a general presentation of your Human Design type sharing a few points of what are the most important guidance aspects for you to navigate your energy!

You know you’re in? Yay! Then book your reading by clicking on the button below.

Not sure yet, keep reading and take your time sis, no rush. If it’s for you, you’ll know. Always follow your own guidance.

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Ignite YourSoul Potential

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TheIgnite YourSoul

Potential Reading is:

transformation by bringing you …

  • Higher guidance to help you overcome a period of doubt & indecision and soar!
  • Validation of your gifts, visions & purpose.
  • Deeper knowledge of who you are and what you’re meant to do. 

  • Healing for the parts of yourself that are holding you back & need tendering to, before expanding.

Who is it for?

Sensitive, passionate & ambitious womxn …

  • Who have a big vision & big dreams and who have a deep desire to bring a magikal impact to the world.

  • Who know they’re meant for more and are determined to create their highest vision.
  • Who believe in and are willing to do the shadow work it takes to take their place in the world with an ignited Soul!

TheIgnite YourSoul

Potential Reading is not:

a ready made solution

  • With certain & predetermined answers – things are mutable and evolve constantly.
  • With a prognosis for your future.
  • Without any inner work on your part. 

  • With fake answers & telling you what you want to hear.

Who is it not for?

Womxn …

  • Who want to be told what to do. You are the only one who can decide what to do for yourself.
  • Who are not ready to do the deep inner work necessary to bring healing and transformation to themselves and the world.
  • Who are looking for definitive answers and a prognosis of the future – nothing is ever certain, things constantly move and shift.


Note: the following testimonials are from my previous Reading offers that had a different format. But I feel that they can still give you a great idea of the support you can receive from a Reading with me :).


“Julie did a business reading for me when I could feel something had to change. I was already in a transition phase but was holding onto my old clients and after I received her report it was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had.  She connected to my old business on a deep level, she let it become an identity that had its own voice.

After reading her words I could understand that my old business died already and wants to be released, there was no fire anymore it was dried out and disconnected. We created a release ritual and since then I moved so quickly and with so much clarity towards my new business and clients I am meant to work with, where my heart wants me to go.

The process was so incredible and useful and created really a total mindset shift how to treat my business. It became a living breathing being that is ready to co-create with me. It is just magical!! Julie is an amazing intuitive channel and I am so glad I did the reading with her “.

Vanessa Guerrero

Soulful Designer & Illustrator

Julie’s soulful medicine is powerful. I was magnetically drawn to working with her and I can see why now. The spiritual guidance she channeled for me was crystal clear and resonated throughout my whole being. It was delivered with such elegant simplicity and offered me both the clarity and the impetus to move forward with my business with new, more aligned energy.

Her gentle, present, clear energy has been such a blessing to experience. I would highly recommend her as an intuitive if you are looking for insight and inspiration. “.

Pollyanna Blanco

Energy Healer, Artist, & Creative Midwife

“I requested an Intuitive Business Reading from Julie at a time when I was feeling into new horizons in my business and feeling some uncertainty. It was that tender space of something new wanting to emerge and the fears that often accompany that process. Julie’s reading created a deep internal shift by simultaneously confirming my sense of what I was being led towards, and giving some fresh perspectives and impulses about what was being asked of me.

I felt seen, validated and challenged (gently) by Julie’s clear and loving messages and more connected than ever to my soul work. If you feel like you need some guidance for your business from a higher place than the intellect, Julie’s business reading could be just what you’re looking for. I think it’s the future of business consultancy “

Stephanie Lisa Kelly

Cocreating a new form of spiritual community

“Receiving the channeling by Julie was an absolute honour. When I first read it, I cried – that is how deeply I was touched. The reading confirmed my essence, my dreams, empowered me in my strength and gave me very clear next steps for the future.

Julie has an enveloping reassuring presence and deep wisdom. She brings together your deep essence and broader life journey as well as very concrete aspects that are in front of you today. I am deeply grateful. “

Femke Muylaert

Trusted Guide of Leaders

“My experience with Julie was outstanding. She intuitively connected herself with the soul and heart of my business and delivered so much information I could not even imagine.

Julie offered a clear mirror for my business and for myself to look into, and it also reflected my deeper level of fears and blockages I was not able to see (and release) before. She not only answered my questions, but took both business and personal perspectives to a whole new level.

It was refreshing and revitalizing for me to receive her support! With Julie’s guidance I was able to feel what the future development of my business can look like. She lit up new ideas and connections I’m very grateful for.

Julie is an amazing and truly gifted intuitive guide, I highly recommend working with her!.”

Irina Kalinina

Intuitive Healer

Julie is a gentle force with a real gift for getting right to the core of an inquiry and an ability to see through to the core of resistances and blocks. Her reading unveiled a longstanding blind spot and her guidance prompted a new perspective which I feel will serve me greatly.

Thank you Julie, you are an angel on earth.


Multimedia artist, writer, somatic movement facilitator, intuitive guide

More details on the magik

what happens during the reading?

Before starting a Reading I have my own little ritual. I can tune in quite easily and without a ritual but I feel it is respectful to do a ritual and also to ensure protection and integrity during the channelling process. I use the drum during the reading it’s beautiful as it brings grounding for both me & my client  and it allows me to easily open the channel between our realm and the invisible ones. I love it!

I receive information in three ways. The first and strongest one for me  is visual, I will see an image in my mind, a scene.  The second is in the form of a thought that will come through. The third is physical sensations. I don’t hear a voice speaking to me like some channellers do.

The information I receive comes from my guides, my higher self, your guides and your higher self/Soul.

Being a healer in essence, I receive information and guidance about your shadow, which can be confronting but also necessary and beautiful. It will give you some deep insights on what might be blocked  and suggest guidance on what could help.

The reading won’t tell you anything you don’t already know on some level, or that is already within you. I am here to serve as a vessel to validate and clarify what is already there, and help you see where you can’t see for yourself. I go for readings too!

It’s a really beautiful process, often I’ll be moved to tears when the true Soul aspects come through, I’ll also feel the power of your purpose coming through and often the pain or sadness present in you too. It’s really special and it’s an honour.


WHat more can the ignite your soul potential reading bring you?

  •  A renewed sense of purpose. You might have been stuck or uninspired for a while, not feeling the joy of your vision, your work, your project. The Reading will help you reconnect with that by helping you go back to the essential essence of you, and what you’re meant to do  in relation to your vision.
  • A deeper understanding of what’s going on, why are you not taking action, or why do you repeatedly sabotage yourself, why you might be stuck right now, etc. Some new insights might come through for you from the shadow side, or the light side. All there to support you and your highest vision for your life.
  • Highlight your strength and abilities and what unique gift(s) you can bring to the world at this time – your own magik!
  • Develop your intuition and trust in yourself. When you get validation for something you had a feeling about but couldn’t quite trust, it helps consolidate your inner compass tremendously. Also this work by its nature will help activate further your own intuitive gifts.

I believe the Ignite Your Soul Potential Reading will bring you the exact type of nourishment, information, insights, healing that you need right now for your growth and for a better world.


my story with channelling

At the end of 2012 I started to do mandalas inspired drawings for my friends and saw that each one was completely different. Which made me realise that each mandala was representing the person and not just my own expression. I was channelling! And slowly I noticed that while drawing I would get information or insights about the person and I came to learn that, that was a reading. 

So I explored more and practiced more on people I didn’t know. And a couple of years later I started giving healing sessions where I would receive information for the person without doing a drawing!

I am so honoured and grateful for this gift. When I tune in I feel home. 

Portrait Julie Le Carrer contre un arbre

More about me

Hi I’m Julie! 

I believe in intuition and beauty, kindness and self-expression.

In my working life I’ve gone from waitressing & being a PA to being a freelance interior designer and setting up my own online business.

My personal journey has been mainly focused on healing myself from childhood trauma. Remembering my truth, and connecting to my soul & my purpose. Through this journey I came to uncover my intuitive gifts and learn that I am a healer in essence.

Reconnecting to my intuition changed my life completely and gave sense and essential meaning to it.

As a little girl and growing up I wasn’t in touch with my intuition at all. I lived a lot in fear and all my energy went into creating coping strategies and mechanisms to have a sense of control and safety in my environment. It’s after years of therapy, energy work and spiritual healing that, my system started to feel safe enough to leave space for intuition, and for my soul gifts to emerge. What a journey.

Six years ago I started developing my healing work through art, movement, meditations and working directly with womxn to help them connect to their own essential soul truth & potential.

Since then I have developed my intuitive readings and will soon be also offering my Soul Sparkles paintings! 

also …

  • I am 47, French (proud Bretonne) living in Brussels.
  • I’m Sagittarius Sun, Aries rising & Aquarius Moon.
  • I’m a Manifestor 4/6 (Human Design)


    my credentials for this work 

    • Developmental trauma: I grew up in a broken and dysfunctional family with verbal, emotional abuse and emotional neglect. I felt neither safe nor loved by any of my parents or caregivers. This means that I had to hold  A LOT by myself, within myself. Which has created in me the capacity to be able to hold a lot, in a space for others. With deep empathy & love.
    • 20+ years of mental & emotional healing  and growth: psycho dynamic therapy, psychotherapy, energetic therapy (EFT, EMDR), Somatic Experiencing, coaching, energy healing. Allowing me to be relatively trauma-informed when it comes to information coming through in a reading.
    • 8+ years of spiritual healing & growth: meditation, visualisation, intuition, connection with nature, learning about shamanism, the drum, rapé ceremony, kirtan circles.
    • Knowing myself better through  astrology, Human Design, my menstrual cycle, being HSP (highly sensitive person), an empath, having C-PTSD.
    • I never learned to be a channeller  and it wasn’t really a choice. My abilities emerged when I started to learn to listen to my soul’s voice and following my intuition. I did ask for validation and guidance along the way because I had no idea what was coming through or what I was doing at first.
    • I am a healer in essence. Which means that anything that I do (from heart & soul) will be healing on some level. Being a healer and having gone through a lot of trauma myself, I can receive, understand and translate messages related to shadow work.


    Collaboration love! 

    Jessica is a conscious business coach for women entrepreneur. She helps women create, develop and scale their online business in a way that feels authentic and expansive. 
    She uses the framework of Human Design to help you make the best aligned decisions and tap into your natural gifts all while bringing awareness and healing to your shadows. Her work is at a crossroad between strategic business guidance, intuitive coaching and thought management (aka mindfulness). Her motto is « Inner work, outer success. » 
    She believes in breaking the rules so that women can create their own opportunities through a thriving and aligned business they love. 
    You can find her on Instagram.
    Portrait Julie Le Carrer contre un arbre

    My mission & passion sis, is to help you come out of hiding, be seen, take your place & and rock the world with your powerful work.

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