Soul Sparkles Art

A Magikal Window Into Your Soul



channelled glitter painting

to connect back to your Soul, your light

& your purpose each day



Do you often feel disconnected from your Soul?

☽ Do you get too much in your head and forget to tune in to your inner guidance?

☽ Do you find it difficult to come back to yourself after a few hours working non-stop?

☽ Are you a visual person that?



What if you had a piece of Art that reflected your Soul back to you?

☽ So that when you look at it you come back to yourself.

☽ So that you can always be reminded of your unique light & magik.

☽ So that you feel this special additional support in your space, always there when you need it.



I believe in the power of visual resonance.


The Soul Sparkles Art, channelled just for you, will carry energy that matches your unique resonance and be a powerful visual support for you when you need it.

The energy works even when you’re not looking at it, it elevates the vibration of your space and helps bring more of your unique soul energy around you.

What is it?

☽ A bespoke intuitive painting made entirely with glitter dust.

☽ It comes in 3 sizes: 10cm x 10cm, 15cm x 15cm, 20cm x 20cm

☽ Each painting is unique & channelled just for you.

☽ It carries, energy, healing and activation.

How does it work?

When I create your painting  I channel directly from your Soul and so that energy is carried into the painting. The colours, shapes and general feeling of the piece will resonate with you on a deep level, on your Soul level.

☽ You can choose a specific theme for the painting, ex: wanting to connect more to your power, open your heart more, feel peace, feel more grounded, etc.

☽ You can also choose to give no theme and let your Soul decide through the process.

☽ You can order a painting one time, and you can also order more than one, for different themes and/or to have that visual support in different rooms in your home or working space.

☽ You can order the painting as a gift.

How the painting can support you

These are different ways the painting can support you.

I made my first glitter painting in 2014 (pics above) for myself and it is still vibrant and charged with my Soul energy and I still find it very healing and supportive to this day, 8 years later.

When you look at it, it brings you back to yourself. 

It’s like having a piece of your soul present in the room with you.

It can bring you:

  • comfort
  • empowerment
  • peace
  • grounding
  • joy
  • beauty
  • awe
  • inspiration
  • focus
  • stability
  • strength
  • solidity

Alongside the painting you will receive …

The painting is very powerful by itself, but I like to bring additional meaning & support to anything I do.

A one page reading. In the process of doing the painting I often receive some pieces of information, some sensations, which I collect. Then once the painting is finished I do a general reading of the finished piece. The information & guidance can be related to the theme, if you chose one, or it can be on something else. It’s usually a combination.

A magikal follow-up call. I have put together a ritual to enhance the connection with the painting when you first set eyes on it. This can be done via Zoom or in person. On this call I will also share with what came through while doing the painting and you can share with me your first impressions of the painting if you like.

The Process

1- preparation

We connect on a 30 mins video call to meet and discuss what you would want the focus of the painting to be.

You can choose a specific theme or leave it open. I’ll help with this process if necessary.

 2- creation

It can take me between 2 and 4 weeks to make the painting  & the reading. 

For best results, I follow and respect my energy flow.

3- receiving the painting

I have put together a little ritual to enhance the connection with the painting when you first set eyes on it.

This can be done via video or in person.

What you will receive:


 1 x introductory 30mins 1:1 call

 1 x video with a short introduction and some personalised guidance

✓ your magical bespoke Soul Sparkles Painting

✓ 1 page reading of the painting

✓ 1 x one on one magikal follow-up call

    place an order for your own

    Soul Sparkles Painting

    10cm x 10cm

    180 €*

    15cm x 15cm

    260 €*

    *Prices do not include shipping cost.

    Email me: for any questions!

    20cm x 20cm

    340 €*

    Email me: for any questions!

    Julie’s personalized art piece is not only beautifully sparkly, but it’s an intuitive creation of art. I have mine for about five years now and it has been “shining” on my desk for all that time. I love to look at it and it’s great that there is so much room for interpretation – depending on my state of mind. Sometimes I turn to the piece of art, just to let it speak to me the way I need it.

    Every time I look at it, it relaxes me and at the same time it encourages and gives me so much strength. Thank you, Julie for this lovely work. It combines beauty with so much positive energy!

    Veronica Hertling

    Illustrator I Creator of 'Cuties in the Air'

    The Soul Sparkles Painting is:

    deep soul support by bringing you …


    • connection to your Soul and your true divine inner voice whenever you need to.
    • elevation of your vibration & the vibration of the space it is in.
    • healing by shining a light on some shadow aspects.

    who is it for?

    • sensitive visionary magikal women entrepreneurs,  healers, creatives … who have the intention of creating conscious work aligned with her heart & soul with the goal of helping heal and transform themselves & the world.
    • sensitive magikal women who may not have a business yet, but who wish to do a reading for their business idea.
    • sensitive magikal women who believe in shadow work and are ready to do the deep inner work.

    The Soul Sparkles Painting is not:

    just for decoration 


    • to receive its magik you will need to create a connection with it and nurture it. 
    • with a prognosis of the future of your business.
    • without any inner work on your part. 

    who is it not for?

    • women entrepreneurs who do not have a conscious business aligned with their heart & Soul.
    • women who are not ready to do the deep inner work necessary to bring healing and transformation to themselves and the world.
    • women who are looking for definitive answers and a prognosis of the future of their business – nothing is ever certain, things constantly move and shift.

    I requested an Intuitive Business Reading from Julie at a time when I was feeling into new horizons in my business and feeling some uncertainty. It was that tender space of something new wanting to emerge and the fears that often accompany that process. Julie’s reading created a deep internal shift by simultaneously confirming my sense of what I was being led towards, and giving some fresh perspectives and impulses about what was being asked of me. I felt seen, validated and challenged (gently) by Julie’s clear and loving messages and more connected than ever to my soul work. If you feel like you need some guidance for your business from a higher place than the intellect, Julie’s business reading could be just what you’re looking for. I think it’s the future of business consultancy “

    Stephanie Lisa Kelly

    Cocreating a new form of spiritual community

    more details on the magik

    what happens during the reading?

    I do the reading remotely on my own.

    First I will connect to your business’ essence to answer a series of questions that I have intuitively put together for every reading. Then I will answer your questions and often at that stage my guides will come in to answer the questions as well.

    Being a healer in essence, I receive information and guidance about your shadow, which can be confronting but also necessary and beautiful. It will give you some deep insights on what might be blocked  and suggest guidance on what could help.

    The reading won’t tell you anything you don’t already know on some level, or that is already within you. I am here to serve as a vessel to validate and clarify what is already there. I go for readings too!

    It’s a really beautiful process, often I’ll be moved to tears when the true Soul aspects come through, I’ll also feel the power of your work coming through and sometimes the pain or sadness present in you too. It’s really special and it’s an honour.


    WHat more can the intuitive business reading bring you?

    •  A totally new relationship with your business. Your soul business is a part of you but it also has its own essence and higher intelligence. This can be a new awareness that inspires you to communicate with your business and co-create in a whole new way.
    • A deeper understanding of what’s going on, why are you not taking action, or why do you repeatedly sabotage yourself, why you might be stuck right now, etc. Some new insights might come through for you from the shadow side, or the light side. All there to support you and your business to grow.
    • Highlight your strength and abilities and what unique gift(s) you can bring to the world at this time.
    • Develop your intuition and trust in yourself. When you get validation for something you had a feeling about but couldn’t quite trust, it helps consolidate your inner compass tremendously.

    I believe the Intuitive Business reading will bring you the exact type of nourishment, information, insights, healing that YOU need right now for your growth, your business’ growth and for a better world.


    my story with channelling

    At the end of 2012 I started to draw these little flowers everywhere, they’d appear on the paper as perfect and I had no idea how, it really came out of nowhere! I then started doing mandalas inspired drawings for my friends and saw that each one was completely different. Which made me realise that each mandala was representing the person and not just my own expression. I was channelling! And slowly I noticed that while drawing I would get information or insights about the person and I came to learn that, that was a reading. 

    So I explored more and practiced more on people I didn’t know. And a couple of years later I started giving healing sessions where I would receive information for the person without doing a drawing!

    I am so honoured and grateful for this gift. When I tune in I feel home. As a little girl and growing up I wasn’t in touch with my intuition at all. I lived a lot in fear and all my energy went into creating coping strategies and mechanisms to have a sense of control and safety in my environment. It’s after years of therapy, energy work and spiritual healing that I imagine, my system started to felt safe enough to leave space for intuition, and for my soul gifts to emerge. What a journey. 

    Portrait Julie Le Carrer contre un arbre

    more about me

    Hi I’m Julie 

    I believe in intuition and kindness, beauty and creative expression.

    In my working life I’ve gone from waitressing & being a PA to being a freelance interior designer and setting up my own online business.

    My personal journey has been mainly focused on healing myself from childhood trauma, and remembering my truth, connecting to my soul & my purpose in this life time. Through this journey I came to uncover my intuitive gifts and learn that I am a healer in essence.

    Reconnecting to my intuition changed my life completely and gave sense and so much more meaning to it.

    Six years ago I started developing my healing work through art, movement, meditations and working directly with people to help them connect to their own essential soul truth.

    The call at this time is to support women entrepreneurs grow their magikal business in the highest alignment possible. And I am honoured as I believe so strongly that the truest most aligned work (by bringing intuition, empathy, sensitivity to the forefront of business) changes the world.

    also …

    • I am 46, French (proud Bretonne) living in Brussels.
    • I’m Sagittarius Sun, Aries rising & Aquarius Moon.
    • I’m a Manifestor 4/6 (Human Design)
    • I have practiced 10 different dance styles: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, Breton dance, Salsa, African dance,  Line dancing, Tango, 5 Rhythms.
    • In 2014 I successfully completed a crowdfunding to help pay for a 1:1 spiritual business coaching 6 month program!
    • Next: rollerskating 🙂


      my credentials for this work 

      • Developmental trauma: I grew up in a broken and dysfunctional family with verbal, emotional abuse and emotional neglect. I felt neither safe nor loved by any of my parents or caregivers. This means that I had to hold  A LOT by myself, within myself. Which has created the capacity for me today  to be able to hold a lot in a space for others.
      • 20+ years of mental & emotional healing  and growth: psycho dynamic therapy, psychotherapy, energetic therapy (EFT, EMDR), Somatic Experiencing, coaching, energetic healing.
      • 8+ years of spiritual healing & growth: meditation, visualisation, intuition, connection with nature, learning about shamanism, the drum, rapé ceremony, kirtan circles.
      • Knowing myself better through  astrology, Human Design, my menstrual cycle, being HSP (highly sensitive person), an empath, having C-PTSD, having traits of codependence
      • I never learned to be a channeller (doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with that) and it wasn’t really a choice. My abilities emerged when I started to learn to listen to my soul’s voice and following my intuition. I did ask for validation and guidance along the way because I had no idea what was coming through or what I was doing at first, but everything I am bringing to the world with my work comes from intuitive guidance and messages from above.
      • I am a healer in essence. Which means that anything that I do (with heart & soul) will be healing on some level. And for the intuitive business reading, it means that I am able to receive information and messages that will touch the personal healing aspect needed around your business growth. Being a healer and having gone through a lot of trauma myself, I can receive, understand and translate messages related to shadow work.
      • Knowledge of online business. Since 2014 I have taken numerous 1:1 and online business group coaching programs. That means even if I’m not a business coach I do understand how it works and therefore can receive specific guidance for business growth.


      2016/ 2017 – Soulful Money Medicine work and energy healing with Jody England

      Aug 2017 – Guest speaker on The Free Her Spirit Podcast – ‘The Wisdom of the Body’

      Aug 2016 – Guest to perform at the ‘Awakened Creatress‘ event in Dublin

      2016 – Feminine empowerment and sensuality program with Saida Desilet

      2014 – Soul purpose business coaching with Rachel Archeleaus

      2012/2013 – 5 Rhythms Dance with Anne-Mieke Haazen


      other credentials

      Studied Art History at University in France.

      Studied Interior Design at the Design School in London.

      Worked as a Freelance interior designer for 3 years in Brussels


      what clients say about me

      “The sound of Julie’s voice relaxes and opens, she has a soothing & engaging way of speaking.”

      “Makes you comfortable, she has a comforting presence.”

      “Holds a safe and unconditional space of acceptance.”

      “Brings confidence and empowerment.”

      “With Julie I feel heard and understood, she is incredibly supportive, a nurturer.”

      “Genuine and deep.”

      “I feel trust and straight away safe to relax, open and talk.”

      “Julie is very intuitive, insightful and highly attuned.”

      “Motherly energy.”

      “Brings a sense of connection to the world and nature.”


      one of my deepest desire is to bring intuition & intuitive wisdom back at the forefront of life & business.

      And I believe the Intuitive Business Reading is a step in that direction. 

      book your intuitive business reading 

      320 €

      Email me: for any questions!



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