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honouring your intuitive creative flow …

Welcome Magikal sister entrepreneur, healer, channeller, Medicine woman … If like me you care deeply about bringing intuition to the forefront of business; if you are a conscious spiritual woman following your path and wanting to make a difference; then you’re the woman I’m here to support.

I will ease your workload, by taking on the tasks that take time and create stress in your day so you have more time to pour your Soul in your business and more space to honour your creative flow so you can grow your beautiful business powerfully with purpose & love.

… for your business to grow 

 Hi I’m Julie !

In my working life I’ve gone from waitressing & being a PA to being a freelance interior designer and setting up my own online business.

As a conscious virtual assistant I am now  supporting other women entrepreneurs with all the knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated in over two decades. I am a dedicated and caring VA,  with an intuitive & soul-centered approach.

Outside of doing VA work I am also an intuitive guide and a Soul artist + I am 47, French. Sagittarius. Animals & Earth friend. Vegan who loves pizza!

i will take care of this for you 

▵  Social Media management

▵ You Tube Channel optimisation

Updating website

Visual content

▵  Sound & video editing

▵. E-book creation

▵  Management of online courses

▵ Sales page creation

▵ Content curation

▵ Newsletter templates

…and much more!


Get in touch

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Julie is a dream to work with – enthusiastic, efficient and proactive. Everything she does is done with precision and care, a great eye for organisation and practicality. She helped me get a grip on social media marketing, which I had been avoiding like the plague since I started my own business because it felt too overwhelming and not something I wanted to spend time on.

Julie managed (very fast!) to complete an exhaustive review of current best practices, teach me what I need to know, and set up my social media management system for me. She has the gift of being able to condense a lot of information into salient actionable points, which is a great time-saver.

I would trust her absolutely with any aspect of my business. Added to that she is a gem of a woman, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her services to anyone needing her particular brand of nourishing business support.

Stephanie Lisa Kelly

Ecopsychologist & Writer

Since I’ve started working with Julie, my business has grown in ways I could only have dreamed of prior to our partnership. A big reason for this growth is because Julie genuinely believes in my work and wants to do what’s in her power to help my business grow.
And what’s in her power is the way she beautifully balances divine feminine energy with divine masculine energy. Julie honors both her intuitive gifts and mine, while also executing the required actions so that my business can succeed. 
Knowing that she’s there, taking care of all the tasks I no longer need to worry about, allows me to deepen into the work I’m really meant to do. This is a gift beyond measure, and I’m truly grateful to her for this. 
In addition to all this, because Julie is an intuitive, she understands the importance and value of working with natural rhythms. I’m an energy worker and I base my work schedule around my natural energetic cycles. The fact that Julie gets this is hugely important. It supports me in excelling at what I do.
I’m grateful for Julie’s clear communication, her ability to keep me accountable to myself, and her genuine care. She is a blessing to any entrepreneur who needs to balance energy with practicality. 
Josette LeBlanc

Energy Healing & Mentoring

for your peace of mind i will

     Create your social media graphics and schedule all your  posts 

      Edit your videos/podcast/audios and get them ready for online publication (You Tube optimisation, Blog …)

      Repurpose your written original content 

      Help you create a content planner & calendar and help plan your content for consistency  

      Create and schedule your newsletter   

There are many more ways I can support you and your beautiful business depending on your needs, goals & dreams. Contact me and I’d be very happy to discuss how with you.

  what i don’t do

      Manage your emails & calendar 

     Copywriting (writing content for you)

     Moderate your Facebook Group

     Be in direct communication with your clients  

     Order processing &  E-shop management

If you’re unsure about the work you need support with, please email me via the contact form further above and I’ll let you know if I can help you.

programs & platforms i use

 Wordpress, Wix, SquareSpace, Kajabi

  Trello, Asana, Calendly, Any do

  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn

  Smarterqueue, Later, Preview, Planoly, Tailwind

  Canva, PicMonkey, Audacity, iMovie

  Youtube, SoundCloud, Spreaker, Headliner

  Mailchimp,  Klaviyo, Convertkit, Flodesk

  Google Docs/Sheets/Forms…

 Zoom, Voxer

These are most platforms & apps I use.

If there’s a program you use that I don’t know, I’ll learn it in my own time. I am fast and great at that!


ways i support you ?

VA services

Monthly ongoing support with a 3-month minimum engagement.

We’ll discuss and assess your needs & hours needed,  you can choose between packages of: 10, 15 & 20 hours per month

hourly rate


intuitive support

Ignite Your Soul Potential 

This intuitive reading is channelled guidance from your Soul and my guides to help you know the next steps for your Soul work to expand in full soul alignment. 

Getting tired and worn out doing everything for my business myself, I knew when I met Julie and learned about VA work that it would be helpful for me! I was fortunate enough to work with Julie during this confinement period, when I was not only working more than before but I also was trying to keep my business afloat as the way of working shifted and transformed before my eyes, going completely online.

Julie not only guided me with how to be more modern and up-to-date with my social media profiles, she put into place solid practices that I can now do myself going forward. I wasn’t aware how much time I was wasting doing so much manually. It was like she made the foundation and basic systems of my work more solid. She’s very knowledgeable about tools and apps to use to be more efficient and effective. I was able to give her some of the work I didn’t know I didn’t have time for, and I felt in complete trust and confidence sharing passwords and personal documents etc.

I can’t recommend Julie enough – she is now my go-to person for any administrative tasks. I’m grateful for our connection and for the freedom I feel working with her and also for the work she did for me. Now I can focus on what I like and do best and give some of the rest to her! Thank you Julie!

Meghan Kelly

Family & Systemic Constellations

Julie has been wonderful to work with. She has great attention to detail and I love her open communication style. She is such a fantastic addition to my business.

What I love the most is her intuitive approach to her V.A work. I’m always looking forward to our catch-up calls and it is refreshing to be surrounded by such gentle, feminine energy (that still gets sh*t done!).

Always coming up with great ideas and content suggestions, I am excited to see where our collaboration takes us. One million percent recommend ❤️

Amandine Ayala

Bloem & Moi | CBD for self-care online shop

 i’m here to bring space to allow for more intuitive creative flow & aligned growth 

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