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I am so excited to release the first series of “Amazing Guided Meditations for the City Gal”! I’ve had this idea in my head for years!

These meditations are for the City Gal and they are unique meditations. They are very powerful. Not only will they bring you calm, relaxation and back to center but they will also help you feel empowered, open-hearted, moved, kind, present, powerful, free, creative, curious, alive….  And as I am a Healer these meditations hold healing and  they have potential for deep transformation.



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“Spread The Lovin'” is a Meditation that is deeply heart opening. Love is all. You feel it and you spread it in the city. It is delicous, healing and full of LOVE. You will shout from the rooftops “city I love you!”


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“Present” is a Meditation that brings you closer to yourself, your surroundings, the here & now. You feel curious, grounded and PRESENT. You nourish the city with your powerful presence.


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“Ain’t Not Point Comparing” is a powerful Meditation that heals the comparison divide between women. You feel deeply in Sisterhood and forget COMPARING. All women around you will start healing too.


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Those 3 Meditations put together are  beyond powerful! They are complimentary in their purpose and when you listen to the three of them regulalry you will see immediate changes in your daily life  on an inner and outter level. Your city life experience will be changed forever!

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Read left about the magic of the 3 Meditations together. Added to that, this 30mins Empowerment Mentoring Session is a fantastic opportunity for you if you feel stuck in some areas of your life and want to make some deep shifts happen for you to start transforming your life!

Note: I will be in touch with you within 24h to 48h once your order has been processed to book our session.

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