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It was an honor Ladies. Thank you.


I enjoyed the session very much because Julie is a great guide. She is calm, positive and finds the right words to take the time to listen to your body and movements. We worked on how I feel from the inside and how my body reacts when I am super happy, and when I am angry. Since that moment I tend to be more connected with myself and to ‘understand’ and ‘feel’ the angry moments and revert them. Of course it takes time and practice, but thanks to Julie I finally took the time to put it into practice and to understand how my body reacts to certain feelings. Great tool to grow your inner strength.  


Julie is so easy to talk with and such a gentle spirit.  She was able to address my most sensitive issues in a way that was totally comfortable for me.  Afterward I felt like my body had been able to take a breath for the first time.  I felt so peaceful and contented for the rest of that day and even now as I remember, I can feel it again.  Thank you, Julie!! s


Julie was very dedicated, caring, and thorough in guiding me to find where I was blocked, and making sure there were no lingering beliefs and thought patterns that could further prevent me from reaching my goal.  I was able to resolve some issues just through talking to her … I feel a significant shift within.


My first real pure contact with my body.

Lovely Julie, I want to deeply thank you for the beautiful session today, I feel close to myself, to my body, it feels like a important step towards love and acceptance. Your way to connect mind and body, to discover emotions was very new for me. It was like you took me by the hand and showed me a way how to communicate with my body. Thank you Julie!


Guerrero Creations

I liked the way Julie was very clear in setting the framework of the session, she was open and very focused in a gentle way. Her centered presence and her attentionate guidance helped me connect to my body and to my emotions, to my needs and questions of the present moment. I decided not to work on a specific topic but rather to explore the sensations and images linked to  positive moments in which I feel my power, radiance and joy and where I have access to my full potential – and those where I am cut off from this and where I feel powerless and weak.
This guided exploration and Julie´s feedback – she even took some written notes that she sent to me afterwards! – left me with a kind of “compass” that I can now use whenever I am not sure which way to take, sensing into the sensations that come up and relating them to these “reference” images/sensations. This helps me to recognize better what my intuition is telling me. A precious gift!

The session with Julie was a treat from the body. Her soft voice, her gentleness, made me at total ease from the very beginning. I enjoyed connecting with my body and learn what it had to say through a visualization exercise, I experienced where different emotions manifest in the body (like fear) so I can recognize them when they happen in real life again. The movement time was healing. Connecting with the body, being present with it, makes the experience a very comforting one.


Julie brought to the session gentleness, leadership, simplicity, intuition, empathy, flow and love and it made the process however heavy it might have been on itself a breeze to go through with her. I worked on my relationship with my stubbornness, which  I feel was stopping me for creating what I desire in my life in new ways of flow and ease, keeping me in old ways of fighting and resisting. I got to release some tension stuck in my body that had to do with letting go. I created peace for myself through the exercise we did together. I felt a sense of ease and confidence about going forward on the path I choose consciously for myself.