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The Divine Circle Group Sessions



You want to, but you can’t take the time to be with yourself?

To meditate? To connect to your body?

 This space is about sacred ‘me’ time.

It’s about relaxing deeply, being in the body, connecting to yourself, to your Soul,

your heart, to all of you, to your magic. 


 Each time you come to this space, you connect to new levels of yourself; something new can arise for you,

a new sensation, a deepening of intuition, a new level of body connection. And the more you do it, the more you know yourself,

the more you feel your truth and the more you learn to love and accept yourself as you are.


Monday June 26th at 12pm EST/ 6pm CEST on Zoom


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The  session with Julie was an absolute delight! Julie’s presence was gentle and her guidance balmy and soft. The musicality in her voice takes you to another world.

My experience in the Circle was mystical, one that left me feeling replenished, relaxed and expansive. Overall, the session was an absolute pleasure, deep and magical, which left me connected with my body, and brought a feeling of connection with everything around me in the widest possible sense.

As I am writing this testimonial a few weeks later, I feel longing for the magical realm I was conducted in by Julie’s voice and guidance. It was truly a magical experience. Maria Ortega Garcia.

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Hi beauty, I am Julie,

I absolutely love giving these sessions and I am very excited to share this one with you.


I am a sensitive intuitive guide, healer and energy worker and in The Divine Circle

I hold a magical space for you that is sacred, gentle, loving and healing.

I used to not even know that I needed space & time for myself, I used to have no clue about

who I was, how to take care of myself and love myself. Along the years I learned so much,

I’ve done a tremendous amount of work on myself and I’ve got to a place where I can

now guide you in your own journey, wherever you are.  And I understand you.


When we give ourselves true space & time we help the world become

a more authentic place too.



 julie@julielecarrer.com   –   www.julielecarrer.com

© Julie Le Carrer 2017