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Hi beauty,

I am learning to let go of the need to control everything and mostly the belief that I can control everything. Rationally I know I can’t, but often I forget and run myself to the ground trying!

Especially when it comes to (unconsciously) wanting to control others…it’s exhausting, and the reality is I have no control over others and it’s none of my business. What’s my business, is me. And when I spend all my energy on others I don’t have any left for me, to take care of myself and my life.

So if I can’t control others or life, then I need to believe. I need to have faith that everyone’s choices, actions, sayings, etc., that any of life circumstances and events are for the best; even if at times it seems like it’s completely crazy or unfair! I need to have faith. To have faith in others and in life so I can focus on my part.

“I need to have faith in others and in life, so I can focus on my part.”

What can I do for my life? What is in my hands? What’s truly up to me? What’s left when I don’t try to control every outcome possible?

And what can help me believe?

Experience and faith.

Experience. When I look back at my life I see how life has taken care of me in many many situations, life intervenes on things that are out of my control: a solution arises from the most unexpected places or persons, out of the blue I receive a life changing gift, or a life changing opportunity arises.

Faith. And then from that experience I learn to have faith that life will keep on being there for me, I have faith that I am not alone on this journey, that I am guided, that I am supported and loved.

A recent experience that nourishes my faith is of being invited to perform on stage last month! Being on stage is a dream of mine, I had it down in my ‘goals’ for 2016, but I hadn’t got around to making it happen yet, I thought it was maybe too soon, I was focusing on other projects, I was too scared, it felt out of reach, etc.

But then life showed me otherwise.

And reminded me so generously to BELIEVE.

Thank you LIFE.



We have 4 months until the end of the year, wonder what life has in store for us? And what can we do on our side to participate  in the game as fully as we are able to?

And also let’s remember how powerful, resourceful and amazing we are!

So much love to you,

Picture credit: Pól O’Duibhir