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Maybe it’s time I stopped waiting for or actually wanting for someone to fight for me

I watch a lot of TV shows and movies and I’ve come to notice how when a character is passionate about someone else’s well being and will do anything for them it often makes me cry. Especially if it’s between a mom and her daughter (I am doing a second round of Gilmore Girls at the moment!).

And so I thought about it, and I know where it comes from, but going deeper I realized that I actually was still waiting for my mom or maybe a “mommy” figure to fight for me.

So that I feel important and worthy, loved and valued? Yes.

And not feeling these for myself means I end up hiding in shame, fear and insecurity, until someone, a “mommy” figure in shining armor comes and saves me from myself, fights for me and shows me and everyone else how truly precious I am.

But who’s going to fight for me today? Would I actually like that? And should there be anyone fighting for me and my life? 



Ultimately it’s up to me.

I am the only one who can give myself a sense of worth and value, and ironically fighting for myself will empower me and help me feel this way about myself.

And the reason I cry when I see in a show a mom fighting for her kid is that it touches a deep yearning within me. The yearning for me to do that for myself.

Time to grow up my love.

So, I am gonna be brave.

Surrounded by my loving and caring friends, treating myself kindly and generously, being attentive to my wants and needs, I will free the me within that yearns to take charge, I will recognize my strength and I will do it. I do it for me and I fight for me and for my life, to live my life..

The life that I want for myself, as the person I know I truly am.

I am my own fighter.

And I think I might discover that I am quite a fierce one when it comes to fighting for me.

Let us all be fierce fighters for our Souls and Hearts Sisters.

The world needs us to be true to our innate Power.

With love x


Picture Credit: Pinterest