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Hi honey,

I don’t know about you but I love September. Yes there are the bitter-sweet goodbyes to the laid back summer city vibes (I live in Brussels), to feeling the air on your bare skin and to day light lasting for ever. But still I loooove entering into autumn. The night air becomes crisper, you feel like cocooning at home, preparing the nest for winter. It’s funny how it just switches on inside of you like that.

This year I must say, September for me so far, has been a bit of a roller coaster. Alongside taking the biggest step outside of my comfort zone, ever (a tale to be told soon), I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed, emotional, tired, snacking a lot….all the signs of burning out and a call out from my body to care for her, to recharge, to clear some head space, and to be present.

I am sure you know what that feels like, even if you’re not going through it right now.

But if you are, I feel like we need to give ourselves some sweet care, some quiet, some calm, some presence. And I have something for you that will help to do just that and in 1 minute!

Watch this video from my new monthly series ‘Movefeel&grow! 1min’.

You can follow the movements with me, as freely as you wish. You can also just watch it and you will still experience feeling present and calm, try and repeat the words after me to anchor the experience even deeper and remember to breathe.

Enjoy being ‘Present in September’…

With love to You darling,