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Dear friend,

Let’s dream together today.

Let’s imagine coming out of the front door in the morning to the brand new world.

Let’s imagine walking down the street and seeing everyone around smiling, greeting each other and feeling safe and open.

Let’s imagine living in the world where we all feel as being part of one big family: THE HUMAN FAMILY.

Let’s imagine that together we would have created the new system where no borders are needed, where armies and armament would have become completely obsolete.

Let’s imagine the world where ALL HUMANS are free, safe and empowered.

Let’s imagine living in the world where we really do feel AS ONE.

Let’s imagine always feeling the strength and love and support of all humanity within yourself.

How amazing would that be…

Let’s dream it,  let’s imagine it,  let’s create the reality.


And it starts with me, it starts with you, it starts with all of us. We find our true heart, we open it and we share it with the whole world, always.

This week open your heart with this beautiful and inspiring video, the cover of ‘One Love’ by PLAYING FOR CHANGE (, a movement created to connect the world through music.

It’s up to me, it’s up to you, it’s up to each and everyone of us.

With big love,