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Hi gorgeous,

So the last 10 days or so I have been feeling super emotional. Almost every single day big fat sobs, tears and confusion.


I used to feel very dramatic about my tears and make a big deal of them. Crying is a bit dramatic in itself, true, but now I tend to surrender to the cleansing nature of tearsinstead. I say to myself, good it’s coming out, something is being released and it means I am ready for the next stage, it means I have grown. Sometimes one hour I am crying and the next it’ll be all over and forgotten. And at other times it lasts. To me this means big transition time.

I spent the past year stretching myself like never before, going so far out and beyond my comfort zone, again, and again and yet again. One of the biggest stretch for me in the end was exposing myself – to the world – as the real me. Especially to my family, people and friends who knew me a certain way, which for so long wasn’t the real me. I launched my business and my real me a month ago and it was as much terrifying as it was exciting (I’ve been discovering that those two often come hand in hand).

So no wonder that a few weeks in my launching some deep release is needed and the tears come to do that work for me. THANK YOU.

So in life, there will be days when we feel super emotional and days when we’re super scared or angry or thrown back by anxiety. That’s part of our humanity. The issue is that we often judge these feelings and bring ourselves down because of them. I do it too. But I am now learning to take these parts of me along on this ride and work with them not against them. It’s sooooo hard sometimes but we can all do it, in fact we all do it, one way or another we do deal with our emotions and we grow and move on. And we can love ourselves warmly for that, right? Cos it is tough at times.

In this week’s video join me and ‘let’s dance it out!’. 

Let’s hug ourselves super kindly and lovingly, we are doing such a good job on this ride of life, yes we are, believe me.

With warm love,