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Hi beautiful,

Aren’t we funny as humans, with the way we consistently and fervently often refusewhat is.

Imagine what it would feel like to always be OK with what is.

By being present and saying, OK this is what’s happening, this is the reality right now, and then, so….., what do I want to do with that?

So that we create from that reality instead of just reacting to it. And sometimes the creation will be to do nothing at all :).

Lately I am learning to accept what I become aware of. Instead of controlling it, or replacing it with something different. I have been so fervent in forcing myself to alwaysreplace ‘negative’ thoughts with ‘positive’ thoughts, and it’s soooo tiring in the end and I’ve also realized recently, well, it hasn’t been a very nice way to treat myself.

And it’s actually quite magical because when I actually become aware of a negative thought and just let it be, it usually then disappears by itself! Or it doesn’t have any hold on me. Whereas when I force and replace a negative thought by a positive one, yes at first it feels good but then very quickly comes the tension and fear that this won’t hold and the negative thought will re-surface. So it’s like a battle to keep it away by squashing it with a good positive thought.

Pfew! So much work!

What is it like for you? Do you fight your reality or do you accept it?

If you fight it, are you being harsh with yourself? Saying things like I should be doing this, what’s wrong with me, etc. If so then maybe a kind way of dealing with this would be first to start by accepting that yes, you’re fighting your reality and yes at the moment you’re being harsh with yourself.

And it’s OK, and you’re wonderful.

You’re where you are because you don’t know yet how to be anywhere else. But you’re learning and growing and already creating change. We all are, especially when on this path of Self Development and awareness.



This week’s video:  ‘ACCEPTANCE IN NOVEMBER’ is the second in theMovefeel&grow 1min series (The first ‘PRESENT IN SEPTEMBER’ can be found in the Archives section further below).

I accept myself as I am, I accept you as you are, I accept us as we are, I accept the world as it is.

I accept.

And now I am going to create…..and so are you.

With love,