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Hi my friend,

How is it going for you with the end of the year approaching, the Holidays, Christmas, New Year…!

Do you feel …

Relieved? Relieved the year is finally over and you can start over soon and create a clean slate.
Pressure? Pressure to do better or more or different next year.
Satisfied? Satisfied with what you achieved, having reached your goals and more.
Ready? Ready to say goodbye to this year and to welcome the next!

Personally I’d say I feel all of that, though the relief for me is more about breathing a bit, breathing in the new space I’ve created for myself this past year, breathing into the new parts of myself that were revealed to me and that for some I still need to adjust to, make some space for them and fully embrace them.

With the year drawing to a close, I need to be in my own presence, fully. I need to experience myself and my new parts fully. I need to retreat within and feel the powerful silence of my own essence.





And yes that’s what I am really about, Presence. I love nothing more that to be in that space when I allow whatever is there in the moment to emerge, whether in movement, words, dance, a song or a drawing.

When I am in the full Radical Expression of Presence I feel vibrant, alive, connected, excited, moved and humbled. I don’t really know what happens, what comes and goes through me, what shifts within and outside of me.

I just know that it is my place and I am home.

The expression of PRESENCE is all I am about.

I wonder what does Presence feel to you. Do feel your own palpable Presence? How do you express or experience it?

For me Radical Presence means being Present with all that is, being grounded on the Earth and connected to the Universe. Being present with the Wind whispering its swirling wisdom within me and the Forest sharing its deep secrets with my Soul. Being present with the River flowing with sensual lyrics through my veins and the Sun’s fire alighting all of my senses.

With Presence the birds fly through us, the stars shine within us, all is whole and all is One. In Presence.

With the end of the year approaching, whether you’re celebrating, mourning, at peace or at war with yourself and the world, I invite you to step into Presence. To be aware of being a Presence on this Earth, to be aware of where you physically end and begin and where you merge with all that is, with Energy.

I have a big dream of being Radically Present on stage. And I dream that by being Radically Present on stage I can create a space for the people watching to experience their own palpable presence and experience themselves deeply.

I am not sure yet what this will look like and I’ve been super scared to express this dream publicly and to start showing up in alignement with it. But this is what the end of this year is all about for me (I am realizing this as I am writing :)).

Breathing and making space for my Presence to be revealed and expressed and prepare myself to gather up the courage and strength to share it not just in videos but live in front of an audience (scary crazy stage fright!!!) and be fully me. Yay! (self support, haha)

Presence is to be experience for ourselves and to be shared. In true presence with each other we allow for Love to flow, we create Peace.

For this week video I imagined I was on stage in my own living room and that you were the audience watching. I am performing Radical Presence for you with Movement in Presence. And I hope watching the video brings you an experience of your own palpable presence. With love. (Let me know :)).

In Presence I love, I love your Presence, your Presence loves you.

With love,