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It’s funny how life happens, the unexpected happenings of life. No matter how much we might feel in control, life is always there to remind us that we’re not, really, in control, not of it all anyway, and it could be that it is her way of inviting us to relax and let go and just focus on what we can change.

I’ve been silent for a while because unexpectedly I had to take a break to go deep within and do some much needed inner little girl wound healing work. It wasn’t my plan, at that time all my focus was on setting off my business. But it felt right and mostly important for my life and subsequently for my business to take some time for this.

Now I am still doing the healing work but at a less intense level and it feels right to put some focus back on my business again. Creating and expressing myself makes me feel so good and brings so much life into me.

I started monthly online group sessions called “Return to Yourself” and I got inspired to make the video on that theme. I hope you enjoy it.

I am not sure that I will be back here weekly yet, the emotional work I am doing can be quite overwhelming and so I am being gentle with myself and listening as best as I can to respect my inner rhythm day by day. In truth I am not always good at it as just last week I went too far and got so overloaded and overwhelmed that I had to stop everything!

Lessons are being learned, layers are being worked on and healed, life is happening and I want to be living it all as Myself.

With so much love!